The virus, which was produced with an error while performing an innocent scientific experiment, caused the end of humanity, and all humans disappeared.

The remained was only 9.999 “Living Dead”.

Enlightenment & Updates

(This area can be updated if it is necessary.)

* The Project called Living Dead was created by a writing a smart contract on the Solana network.

* Each character is unique, and has different property from each other.

* The pre-sale will consist of two stages, we will be announcing all the details about the pre-sale on our social media accounts and on our website.

* If there are still unpaid characters after a total 30 days from the pre-sale date, the remaining characters will be burned.



1. The shape and property of Living Dead will be determined by talented and imaginative graphic designers. (Continues)

2. Smart Agreement overview and rules will be made and be shared. (Continues)

3. Smart Agreement completely prepared, the last edits will be made on test web. (Continues)

4. Partnerships will occur during the social media marketing phase.(Continues)

5. The pre-sale date will be determined. (Continues)

6. The pre-sale occurred. (Continues)

7. The listing will be made in Solana NFT marketplace like Solsean.io, Solanart.io.(Continues)

8. The payment which is taken from swap fees will be shared monthly with NFT holders. (Continues)